A word from the Head of School.

Valérie Zoudiet Coulibaly

Mme Valérie Zoudiet Coulibaly

Welcome to IBSA – International Bilingual Schools Of Africa!
Our unique team is dedicated to providing an outstanding quality of education. Our mission is to offer
our students a rich and varied curriculum which will equip them to tackle the challenges they may
encounter for the rest of their lives. !
IBSA is a progressive school where the child, nurtured by caring and stimulating adults, can develop to the
best of their intellectual, moral and emotional capacity in a safe environment. Realising their full
potential ! in this way will allow the child to play a key role in the sector of their choice.
IBSA’s English programme is an international programme based on the British International Program. Its
French programme offers basic knowledge in Literacy and Mathematics based on the Education
Nationale Française programmes. Our active bilingual learning start from the age of 2 years in pre-K.
Children who have completed their curriculum at IBSA are effortlessly bilingual by the end of their
primary education. !
International Bilingual Schools of Africa is a proud International Primary Curriculum (IPC) member.
There are well over 1,800 IPC member schools in over 90 countries around the world; all of them part of
the IPC learning community. We share learning experiences, resources and ideas and make direct links to
enable children to learn from each other. !
When you embark on a journey with IBSA you are assured of an education of excellent international
quality; a well-balanced education for your child. Academic learning alone is not enough; it is also
essential to commit to the overall development of the child. !
In our media library the children are taught reading and research. Our Lab offers our pupils the
opportunity to conduct experiments under safe conditions and promotes practical learning. In our
workshops the children discover different areas of Arts and Crafts through individual and collective
handiworks. We are a Green school. We aim to open our pupils’ eyes to an understanding of sustainable
development in order to inculcate in their young minds a spirit of Eco-citizenship that will be beneficial for
the future. Our extra-curricular programme offers our pupils the opportunity to develop their skills in
divers fields. !
Each member of our teaching staff is actively committed to the success and the achievement of academic
excellent of all pupils, including children with special needs. After a targeted assessment and after the
creation of a personalized learning plan students with special educational needs are fully integrated into
the main classroom. !
We are pleased with the cultural diversity of the students of IBSA. Our teachers ensure that the program
offers the opportunity to understand and celebrate this diversity. !
We hope we can count on your enthusiasm and commitment to make our small scholastic community
flourish. !
L’Avenir est dans nos Mains ! (The future is in our hands), let’s build it together.
Valérie Zoudiet Coulibaly, Head of School